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Awarded Projects 2008/2009

Youth and cultural heritage

NEHEMIA School, Albania
SUGS Gimnazija Orce Nikolov, Macedonia

Project description:
You can find more on this project in the website and select documents.

Phase 1:
30 participants from Orce Nikolov,MAcedonia and 30 participants from Nehemia School,Albania took part in the meeting on 10-12.10.08.A joint weekly activity schedule was agreed upon by both partner schools.After discussions, debate tournaments, the friendly matches and dramas representing different cultures, participants worked on 9 group project works for exploring the Albanian and Macedonian culture.

Phase 2:
Participants of Youth and Cultural Heritage Project meet in groups of 15-20 on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week to discuss and express their ways of perceiving life, future, discrimination, differences and equality through verbal, non-verbal or artistic expressions.they have completed the first task of their group project work in gathering information on the chosen topic.

Phase 3:
Again 60 participants met, compared and anaylised the iceberg concept of culture, "no man's land" and "in-between spaces". they represented the concepts in drawings and posters of their own innovative ways and artfulness, danced interculturally different types of music and created their own "fancy" countries.Among other activities, they made the final presentations of the online-project works which pointed out the similiarities and differences between the two neighboring cultures and not only.

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Photo Gallery 1
First International Meeting October 10-12.2008

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Weekly activities

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Second International Meeting - Skopje 16.-18.01.2009