When presenting aces in public, we kindly ask you to make sure to always include the basic aces labels!

aces school projects
Please make sure to also include the labels when presenting your awarded project to others in order to show that you are part of the aces network!

Adding the aces logos to your project presentations (and products) will show and underline that your activities are part of a larger European network! People who are interested in it should get to know what aces is all about and who are the organisations behind it. So, if you present your project in school, to the local community, at public events, in press or media as well as on your project websites, posters or in letters (e.g. asking for additional sponsoring) include this special info!

3 aces labels should always be included:

  • aces logo
aces logo

Download  (JPG for screen display like on websites or simple paper print like letters etc.)

Download (CMYK for professional prints)

  • The logo of the partner organisations

consisting of ERSTE Foundation, Interkulturelles Zentrum and Nadácia Slovenskej sporitel'ne as well as the European Danube Region Strategy as associated network

Download (JPG)

  • aces website link