Project managers, teacher and student during the handing over of the aces membership plaque (Academy 2016)

aces Membership plaque

The aces membership plaque stands for the schools’ participation within aces, the successful implementation of an international school partnership project but also for their valuable commitment and contribution to the network.

The handing over of the aces membership plaques to all participating schools of the respective project cycle happens at the final event - the aces Academy. During the aces Ceremony each delegation (one student and one teacher) receives its aces membership plaque and a photo is taken with representatives of ERSTE Foundation, Interkulturelles Zentrum and Nadácia Slovenskej sporitel'ne (in the past VČELÍ DOM) in a special "photo corner" on the stage.

Colour Code

Schools which have been awarded and have been taking part

for the first time receive a blue plaque
for the second time receive a silver plaque
for the third time receive a golden plaque
for the fourth time AND more receive a chocolate plaque - you cannot win more than gold ;) Additionally you receive a golden sticker with “4th/5th... time awarded” for your golden plaque.

Make your own Ceremony at your school

As not all participating students and teachers have the chance to be present at the aces Academy, we suggest to make your own "special ceremony" at your school where you "present" your aces membership plaque and therefore jointly celebrate the work of all participants involved.

To get a glimpse of such a ceremony please see the photo below or read through this newspaper article (available in Romanian language only). The picture was taken during the official presentation of the aces membership plaque at the school "Liceul Teoretic Mircea Eliade", Intorsura Buzaului, Romania, which took part in the aces cycle 2015/2016 with the project "Under the Same Umbrella" (coordinated by Doina Patrunjel).

For further inspiration you can also have a look at the "aces celebration" at the school "Ion Luca Caragiale", Tulcea, Romania, which participated in the cycle 2013/2014 with the project "The past inspires the present - a glimpse into Balkan cultural diversity" (coordinated by Luciana Rusu), by following this link.

Official unveiling of the aces membership plaque at the school "Liceul Teoretic Mircea Eliade", Intorsura Buzaului, Romania