Creativity & fun
On this website you can create simple comic strips with two to four panels using various characters, objects and speech bubbles. No registration is required.
With this tool you can generate animated animals, flowers etc. with speech bubbles containing your texts. It is also possible to create short texts e.g. in a newspaper template. The pictures or animated GIFS can be embedded on your website or blog.
Flipbook is an easy-to-use drawing tool for creating animations. You draw with your mouse on the drawing area and use the arrows to add frames or to go back to previous frames. In order to be able to save your flipbook, it has to have at least 10 frames. No registration is required for the basic version.
On this website you can easily create jigsaw puzzles from photos and pictures, share them and embed them. No registration is required.
Crossword Labs is an easy-to-use tool for building, printing, sharing and solving crossword puzzles online. No registration is required.
Word cloud creation tools
Word or tag clouds are attractive visual representations of single words or words from texts. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source. Word clouds can be used to get students thinking creatively about any topic.