Making websites & blogs

You can establish a website together with your project partners in order to present your project online. If you want to do so, but you are not experienced in this field, there are websites with the purpose to help you make your own website. They offer ready-made designs and step-to-step instructions on creating a website. Please be aware that only the basic services are for free. Please compare the websites and check which one is most suitable for your project.
A blog is a journal run on a website and therefore generally accessible to the public. Mostly a blog is “endless”, i.e. a long list of entries sorted chronologically. For the author and reader the blog is an easy-to-use medium to present aspects of their lives and opinions on specific topics. Mostly, readers’ comments or discussions about an article can also be posted. A blogs can be used as an alternative to a classic websites.
This is a free website designed by educators. Students can make their own blog, publish posts and participate in discussions within a secure community, while teachers maintain control over the contents and user accounts. It is also possible to embed multimedia content such as slideshows, videos, Google docs etc.
PrimaryBloggers is a free, easy-to-use blog service designed specifically for teachers and students.