Project Description:
How to deal with conflicts and violence? What are we doing to prevent it? Can we stop it or are we helpless? The children are most vulnerable when they are unsecure and afraid with powerful emotions which they sometimes cannot control.We want to find another way to express our emotions and our fears to repress our unsecureness and to strengthen our self confidence. The idea is to find unique way of an expression to demonstrate our mutual feelings, opinions and attitudes.
The students from two countries are conecting,sharing ideas and making new friendships.The students from Serbia are prepairing a play with music and dance to show how are they dealing with violence in their school.
The students from Slovenia had a cultural day; how is Slovenenia connected to Serbia and ways of solving conflicts - the students compared the history, the language, the dance and the song, and we even baked our and Serbian gibanica ... it was great.

In a discussion between our two schools both teachers and students want to find another way to express our emotions to find the best way to express themselves,to exchange feelings, expressions, good and positive words,to shape together a mutual path of positive energy
On the 15. December we finally met our friends from Serbia. We spent great time together. We created the new year's cards, we danced, we played basketball and we showed them Kamnik and our capital Ljubljana. 3 days were too short
The two schools met finnaly in Serbia.We had few workshops together,we had fun and we played some games.The outcome of our project is a poster Nonviolence village.This village has 4 squares,Love street,Friendship street,Tolerancy street and Lucky street with traditional houses from Slovenia and Serbia and from all over the world. and 1 main piazza where all of us are dancing and singing and holding each others hands and in the center of this piazza are three flags Slovenian,Serbian and EU.

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