Project Description:
The students, teachers and members of the local community who are involved in this project will develop their abilities to communicate and negotiate when conflicts occur. Thus we will found out more about ourselves and about the others, we will be able to make a intercultural dialogue and we will be more preoccupied to develop specific competence that enable us to solve conflicts.
In the beginning of the project the students had to learn,firstly,how to express their feelings especialy those connected with violence and to learn how to deal with the anger at school and in their life and how to mediate conflicts - trough building quality circles and by themselves.
The first meeting during the project has been held in the beginning of December in Bucharest, Romania. Bulgarian team visited their peers in the big Romanian school where different activities have been held. The students "solved" conflicts togrther and made some Christmas gifts. the students also visited the Romanian parlament in Bucharest and entertained in some big stores. They promised each other to fight with school's violence together.

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