Project Description:
We expect our students to broaden and deepen their understanding of co-operation and learn useful strategies in dealing with conflict situations.We had the first meeting in Pula,Croatia from 11th to 13th November, where we worked in five workshops : drama,peer mediation, bookmarks, a comic book and graffiti.We also had fun together. More on our web page :

The first day we organised the guided sightseeing of Pula.
Friday, 12th November,was dedicated to the workshops.
After the workshops we had a round table about dealing with conflicts.
We organized a disco evening the same day. It was great fun.
Saturday was dedicated to the presentation of our work. The students presented what they learned the day before.
After the presentations we visited the Aquarium of Pula.

From 31st January to 2nd February 2011 we had a meeting in Domžale. We had a great time together. Students participated in many workshops: art, peer mediation, debate, film, culinary. Team of our reporters took pictures of everything that was going on and used them in a funny presentation. There was also a dance workshop, a volleyball match and a talent show. We took our guests to Ljubljana to see the old castle and to the house of experiments. We hope to see our new friends again soon.
Students learned and sang a song in a choir.We also made a totem,a lot of nice picture postcards with messages and our project poster.Students wrote different endings to The Death of Omer and Merima and Romeo and Juliet.We revised what we have learned about mediation through games and creative teamwork. Students learned how to cook traditional Bosnian dessert.Disco evening was a great success.It started with a conflict,but students managed to solve the conflict through a dance competition.

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