Project Description:
The project idea is to make the students more responsible users and creative innovators of media products, to make them aware of the role and effect of media in a democratic society, to develop human values and to enable students to understand differences.Our goal is aimed at realizing the overall theme of the current aces cycle and promoting intercultural dialogue and educational innovation, by including a great number of students.

Media play a significant part in our lives and help us understand the world and our place in it.
Students and teachers from 3 schools for the first time, has their opportunity to see and talk to each other by videoconferencing.
The first official meeting of partner schools was held in Politehnička škola, Kragujevac. Activities in Kraguevac were: Workshop, Presentation of the project activities; Oratorical evening, Events during the October festivities in Kragujevac, Planning future activities.

Organizing the information into the news is very important. In order
to help our students, a training was held: “How the journalist
receive and check the received information”. After the training students
made a research about path of the information. For the second time students
from 3 partner schools had an opportunity to share their experiences on the project. During the visit in Ljubljana they debated on how reality and the media stories distinguish.

During a visit to Associations of Journalist and Media Institutes students were introduced to the basic objectives. While dancing aces dance, we all created a very dynamic and playful atmosphere. Drama activity refers to our students’critical observations of daily broadcasted media content and includes their creative authorial work. During the final meeting of project partners in Skopje, students played and created a film regarding tradition and multiculturalism of all three countries.

Special Achievement Award – Justification by the Jury

“The winning project in the category Civil Courage builds media literacy by leading the participants to better understand and accept the differences in others. At the same time it highlights the fact that the media can be a dangerous, manipulative weapon. It brings together students, teachers but also local communities in 3 countries that have not always lived in harmony. The participating schools in these countries are signing an agreement to continue cooperation, which underlines the sustainability of the project.”


Zuzana Brejcha, film director, editor and script writer, AT
Réka Timea Franczia, teacher, Colegiul National Kolcsey Ferenc, RO
Janice Richardson, European Schoolnet & Insafe Network, BE/LU/FR
Heinz Wagner, journalist KURIER, AT

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