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Our school is situated in old, costal, tourist town of Šibenik near 2 national parks: NP River Krka and NP Islands of Kornati. School has tradition in economic sector. Teachers (37) train 453 students (14-19) in vocations: economists, commercial specialists and administrative officers. The students are involved in competitions in different subjects: entrepreneurship, marketing, informatics, languages, history. The school has many extracurricular activities which involve our students that compete with excellent results on national level: 13 sport teams, journalism group, drama and music group, charity work, activities dedicated to preservation of environment. Years after the war, we are still faced with xenophobia and prejudices which leads to discrimination, segregation, conflict and strengthening ethnocentrism. We believe that the ACES project will create new friendships between students with the same desire and the acceptance of diversity as an equivalent component of EU society. It’s our aim to encourage students to be active citizens to start different positive initiatives that promote idea of “European values” such as multiculturalism, mutual understanding and acceptance.


Ekonomska skola Sibenik
Put gimnazije 64, 22000 Šibenik
Phone: +385 22212845
email-icon eubt@si.t-com.hr
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2013: Nada Bujas

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