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coordinated by Interkulturelles Zentrum
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Thoughts for aces

aces offers concrete possibilities for pupils, teachers and schools of Central European countries to take part actively and to become a vital part of a shared vision of Europe. To enrich the discussion process aces regularly invites personalities from the partner countries to contribute their “European” thoughts and visions.

aces Thoughts Booklet

Download aces booklet 2012 (0,5 MB)

The booklet comprises all 16 contributions from 2007-2011.

Filip Kovacevic

Making the World a Better Place

Irina Nechit

Being a volunteer in the Republic of Moldova or how we dodged the “subbotnik”

Photo of Irina Nechit
Beqë Cufaj

From the rear echelons

Photo of Beqë Cufaj
Vladimir Zarev

The Internet as provocation

Photo of Vladimir Zarev
Iva Procházková

Hedda's morning

Photo of Iva Procházková

Zlata Filipović


Photo of Zlata Filipović
Michal Hvorecky

Hard times boost creativity

Photo of Michal Hvorecky
Nikola Madzirov

The conflict of inherited interspaces

Photo of Nikola Madzirov


Vedrana Spajić-Vrkaš

Learning to be a participatory citizen – why does it matter at all?

Photo of Vedrana Spajić-Vrkaš
Hedvig Morvai-Horvat

Citizens for change

Photo of Hedvig Morvai-Horvat
Fatos Kongoli

Where are you from?

Photo of Fatos Kongoli

Dan Sorin Perjovschi

Drawings on Intercultural Dialogue

The artist Dan Perjovschi drawing on a wall at MoMa-Museum in New York
Desa Muck

Europe - Forever Young

Portrait-photo of Desa Muck

Werner Wintersteiner

A school called Europe
Learning to live together with those who are different

Werner Wintersteiner
György Dalos

Europe as a vision and a reality

György Dalos
Goran Rebic

The skies above Europe

Goran Rebic