The five categories and their meanings

The "aces Fields of Special Achievement" were introduced in the aces year 2010/2011 in order to honor good practice examples as well as to appreciate and celebrate all kinds of learning - planned and unplanned - that have occured during the realization of the projects.

The award categories and their meanings:

Student Participation
Active involvement of students in various phases of the project planning, implementation and decision-making processes.

International Cooperation
Cross-border share of tasks and responsibilities, excellent teamwork of the schools involved.

Civil Courage
Daring to take risks, addressing controversial issues and tackling specific (hot) topics, bridging gaps or overcoming stereotypes.

Innovative Learning (until Academy 2012: Special Bonus)
New ways of learning, overcoming obstacles, creative approaches, trying out new approaches, widening the scope/range, creating new learning opportunities.

Topic of the Call (e.g. Media Literacy or Volunteering)
Relevant and innovative ways/methodologies of dealing with the topic of the year.

Reflection about project achievements and selection of winners

During the Academy the project partners evaluate and exchange with others the outcomes and achievements of their projects according to these categories. Additionally, an expert jury (consisting of educational experts, specialists regarding the topic of the year, artists or writers and a teacher) chooses a good practice project in every single field of achievement that might inspire other project schools in the upcoming years. Although all participating projects are unique, highly diverse and exciting, there are always certain approaches that are very special and innovative; single projects that are outstanding due to added values or a certain "braveness".

The aces STAR trophy

The Special Achievement Awards - since 2011 in the form of the aces star - are handed over to the delegations of the awarded projects during the Ceremony, taking place within the framework of the Academy. The star was chosen as a symbol of excellence and as a reference to the sparkling ideas of the winning projects. The trophy was created by Collettiva Design Vienna.

Former aces awards

From 2007 until 2010 selected projects also received awards (certificates), either chosen through an experts' or artists' jury as well as elected through audience voting at the Academy.


Audience Award (2007-2010)
Jury Award (Experts' Award and Artists' Award in 2007; Jury Award in 2009 and 2010)